Nadine Mattielli

Dr Nadine Mattielli
[SEGH 2016 Chair]
Laboratoire G-Time ‘Geochemistry: Tracing by Isotopes, Minerals and Elements’

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Dear Colleagues, Dear Friends,

On behalf of the Organizing Committee of the 32nd International SEGH conference, I would like to wish you a warm welcome and invite you to join us at the Université Libre de Bruxelles, Brussels, Belgium, 4th-8th July, 2016.

This annual conference of the Society for Environmental Geochemistry and Health provides a forum for international scientists, consultants, regulatory authorities and other practitioners (public health / environmental health) with an interest in the links between environment and health and working in the broad area of environmental geochemistry. 

For the 32nd SEGH we are keen to receive contributions on three core themes (Dust and Aerosol; Isotopes and Speciation; Geochemistry and Health) and three special sessions (SpatioTemporal Trends of Metal Contaminants in the Atmosphere; Nanoparticles in the Environment: Fate and Effects; Geochemistry and Biomedical Issues). 

Young scientist contributions are especially encouraged and special awards will be given out by the SEGH for the best poster and talk. We look forward to welcoming you to Brussels in 2016.

Best Regards,

Dr Nadine Mattielli



Our scientific and organizing committee gather together experts in the wide field of environmental geochemistry and health. Still growing, this international committee is composed today of scientists from 19 institutions and 12 countries: 


Laboratoire G-Time (Geochemistry: Tracing with Isotopes, Minerals and Elements)- ULB
N. Mattelli (PI), V. Debaille, L. S. Doucet, A. Vanderstreaten, W. Debouge, J. de Jong; 

N. Fagel, M. Allan (Ulg); S. Opfergelt, P. Delmelle, Ph. Sonnet (UCL); Ph. Claeys (VU);
F. Vanhaecke (Ugent)


F. Devleeschouwer (EcoLab, Univ. de Toulouse), P. Flament and K. Deboudt (Univ. de Lille-Côte d'Opale), Jörg Schafer (Univ. de Bordeaux), D. Houben (Inst. Polytech. Lasalle, Beauvais), E. Pinelli (ENSA, Toulouse), L. Winkel (ETH, Suisse), 
P. Marinho (Univ. Aveiro, Portugal), Francisca Martinez Ruiz (Univ. Barcelona), V. Bodanese (ENS, Lyon), A. Hursthouse (Uni. West Scotland), A. Martinez-Cortizas (USC, Spain), C. Zhang (NUI Galway, Ireland), C. Larue (EcoLab), L. Gauthier (Univ. de Toulouse), L. Giambérini (Univ. de Loraine), Xiang-dong Li (Hong-Kong Polytechnic University).

Organisational Profile of the SEGH

President and Regional Chairs:

 President Dr Chaosheng Zhang



European Chair

Americas Chair

Asia/Pacific Chair

Dr Chaosheng Zhang

Dr Chaosheng Zhang

Dr. Nurdan S. Duzgoren-Aydin,

Prof. Kyoung-Woong Kim

National University
of Ireland, Galway

National University
of Ireland, Galway

New Jersey City University







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Mrs Anthea Brown

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Dr Michael Watts

Rt. British Geological Survey

Rt. British Geological Survey

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