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Journal of Environmental Geochemistry and Health

Environmental Geochemistry and Health is the Official Journal of the Society for Environmental Geochemistry and Health
The journal publishes original research papers, research notes and reviews across the broad field of environmental geochemistry.

  • Environmental geochemistry establishes and explains links between the chemical composition of rocks and minerals and the health of plants, animals and people.

  • Beneficial elements regulate or promote enzymatic and hormonal activity, whereas other elements may be toxic.

  • Bedrock geochemistry controls the composition of soil and hence that of water and vegetation.

  • Pollution arising from the extraction and use of mineral resources distorts natural geochemical systems.

  • Geochemical surveys of soil, water and plants show how major and trace elements are distributed geographically.

  • Associated epidemiological studies reveal the possibility of links between the geochemical environment and disease.

  • Experimental research illuminates the nature or consequences of natural geochemical processes.

High quality research papers or reviews dealing with any aspect of environmental geochemistry are welcomed.  Submission of papers which directly link health and the environment are particularly encouraged.  Papers may be theoretical, interpretative or experimental. 

Authors shoud refer to  www.springer.com/10653 for more information and authors' instructions.


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